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Thursday, January 17, 2013

NARS Turkish Delight *MY thoughts*

Yes I know everyone probably already tried this lipgloss by now but I still wanted to write a post with my personal thoughts on it.

-I HATE the smell of this! Smells like burnt plastic mixed with a ton of chemicals.
-Really thick!
-The color washes me out. It's a milky pink & my skin is milky white.. 
So yeah not a good match lol. As you can see in the above swatch it blends in with my skin.
-The price is a bit crazy for this. I can find nicer lipglosses for cheaper at the Drugstore.

-Works alot better layered over lipsticks. 
(Call me unoriginal but this lipgloss really does look amazing over MAC "Angel" lipstick.)
-Not sticky
-Average wear. Lasts until I eat/drink

I think this will be my first & last NARS lipgloss.


  1. Even with lots of girls raving about this I've never had the desire to buy it. It doesn't stand out to me and I have a drugstore one that is pretty similar that I am happy with for the color and price! haha After this I will continue to not buy it!

    1. Miranda- I must admit I gave in due to all the hype around it. I really could have saved my money :(

  2. I've wondered if Nars was worth the price.

    1. I wouldn't suggest the lipglosses.
      I haven't tried out their blushes yet, but I still want to try one. If it doesn't work out its going back! lol

  3. For me, I have found Nars is worth it for the blushes,bronzers and certain eyeshadows. I too do NOT understand the turkish delight craze, but I am more of a bold lip person.

    1. I want the blush in "Deep Throat" so hopefully I'll have good luck with it :)

  4. I have this lip gloss, I hate the smell too! But I still use it and try hack the smell lol!

    1. The smell could definitely use a drop of vanilla lol.


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