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Friday, January 04, 2013

Maybelline CAT EYES Mascara review

Color: Glam Black

I REALLY wanted to like this mascara because of the cute packaging unfortunately it just didn't cut it for me.
The packaging claims that it'll give you "Instant Volume" & No Clumps.

- Didn't clump
-Separated my lashes
- The brush works good on the lower lashline because it isn't huge. 

- Didn't add any volume. My lashes looked the same as before I applied my masacara, only darker.
-I know it doesn't claim to lengthen but my lashes were still "short".
- I had to add another mascara over this one to make my lashes look decent.
-Flaked a bit during application.

Unfortunately I already threw away my recent so I won't be able to return this.

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