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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MAC blush comparison Pinch O' Peach VS. Pink Swoon

Pinch O' Peach *Warm Peach*

Pink Swoon *Clearly Pink*

Both are sheertones so the color can be built up to meet your needs. 
For me two swipes is good enough.

In the pan both of these colors look alot alike. I have to flip the container over to notice the difference. Once swatched the difference is very noticeable. 
Pinch O' Peach is pink with a hint of peach. In mu opinion this shade could work year round.
I originally wanted both "Mata Hari" & "Angelika" from NARS but after doing a ton of searching I saw swatches comparing those two with Pinch O' Peach. Mata Hari is the darkest of the three, Angelika is a little lighter than Mata Hari & has sparkle, while Pinch O' Peach is the lightest. Overall there all in the same color family & resemble each other a light, but for my fair skin I decided to go with MAC.
Pink Swoon is a pretty pink that can be used lightly for a baby pink or built up for a brighter pink that'll look amazing during the Summer.

I'll probably end up depotting these shades & getting another palette because there's a few more MAC blushes I want.

Yes I'm addicted to blush!


  1. Both are very pretty I think I would like to give Pinch O' Peach a try.
    THanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome :)
      I think Pinch O' Peach is very versatile.


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