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Thursday, March 29, 2012

COVERGIRL lashblast mascara

I've used this mascara year's ago when it first came out. I recently won this tube & decided to give it another try.
Here's my thoughts:
-Separates my lashes
-Doesn't smear
- Doesn't add volume, which is an disappointment 
- Makes my lashes feel crunchy

Overall I really don't care too much for this mascara. I have to use a volumizing mascara along with this one to achieve the look I want.

Hard Candy's Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer

I have a ton of acne scars that I sometimes have trouble concealing so I decided to pick this concealer up since it said "heavy duty". First things first I wanted to see just how well it would cover so I tried it on a scar on my arm & it actually worked!

How it works on my face:
I find that it is thick but that's what makes it cover my scars perfectly
blends with my foundation easily
It lasted me about 10 hours. That's with a primer & set with a powder
Doesn't make me break out
The trick is to not spread it out too much. Leave it thick. It'll last alot longer.
Also worked great at concealing my dark circles under my eyes.

Overall I really do like it. The only down side is if I don't use primer it only lasts a few hours.
This only comes in 3 shades so it might be hard to find the perfect shade for you. I got mine in light & it's still a little dark.

What is your go to concealer?

Revlon Colorstay pressed powder

I was in need of a new powder so I decided to give this one a chance. I got it in translucent & I'm very happy I decided to finally pick this up. I use it to help set my foundation & to avoid shine. I can call all day without shine & this powder doesn't break me out which is a major plus. I have nothing negative to say about this powder & plan on buying it over & over again.

Sorry for the mess on the left side. I meant to take pictures before using it but I forgot.
 small mirror
 Sponge. I don't use it. I prefer to use a regular powder brush to apply it. Helps avoid bacteria.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo review

A few weeks ago I finally gave in & picked up a color tattoo cream shadow in "pomegranate punk".

The color appears to be really pretty & dark in the container with a hint of gold. I find that the pigmentation isn't as great once applied to my lid. In order to get it to look decent I have to add 3 layers. I honestly really like the color that it appears on my lid. My skin tone is fair & I can get away with using this as an all over lid color & use a light color on my brow bone & to even out harsh lines. I even tried to with a dark brown in my crease & it looked amazing. I will do a "FOTD" soon using this.  It claims to last 24 hours & while yes it does last over night it does smudge & fade a bit after about 12 hours, which in my opinion really isn't bad.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Perfume & Fragrance collection

I enjoy seeing other people's perfume collections so I figured I would go ahead & post mine. Sorry about the poor quality. My batteries for my good camera are currently dead so I had to use my back up camera.

I have all my perfumes placed on this tray I got from Kirklands. 
It has a "T" on it.

Guess- My Husband got me this perfume for our first Christmas together.
Aqua Di Gioa by Armani - Got this last year for Mother's Day. 
Romance by Ralph Lauren- Got this last year for my Husband & I's wedding anniversary.

 Goddess by Baby Phat, Paris Hilton, & Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture 

Rose the one by Dolce & Gabbana & Bright Crystal by Versace -Just got these for Valentine's Day from the Hubby.

The first 3 were limited edition ones that came out for Christmas.
Pink "warm & cozy"
Pink "pretty & pure"

Bath & Body Work's "Apricot Vanilla" & "Into the Wild"

I'm thinking of doing a Blog makeup sale. I have a collection of shadows from Wet N Wild & Rimmel that I've only used once or twice. What do you ladies think?