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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hard Candy's Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer

I have a ton of acne scars that I sometimes have trouble concealing so I decided to pick this concealer up since it said "heavy duty". First things first I wanted to see just how well it would cover so I tried it on a scar on my arm & it actually worked!

How it works on my face:
I find that it is thick but that's what makes it cover my scars perfectly
blends with my foundation easily
It lasted me about 10 hours. That's with a primer & set with a powder
Doesn't make me break out
The trick is to not spread it out too much. Leave it thick. It'll last alot longer.
Also worked great at concealing my dark circles under my eyes.

Overall I really do like it. The only down side is if I don't use primer it only lasts a few hours.
This only comes in 3 shades so it might be hard to find the perfect shade for you. I got mine in light & it's still a little dark.

What is your go to concealer?


  1. I have this concealer and I love it the only thing I hate is it always sticks to wrinkles under my eyes or makes me seem like I have more wrinkles!

    1. If I put it too thick under my eyes I notice that problem so I tried putting moisturizer and then the concealer and really liked the results.

  2. oh i heart about this one on youtube, should be a very good one:)
    i use a concealer from benefit.


    1. I only tried a few products from benefit & really liked them so I might look into their concealer.

  3. I've heard so many good things about this but haven't had a chance to try it out. I do think it would be a bit dark for me but I'm sure I could lighten with something. If not it isn't too expensive so it wouldn't be a total loss!


  4. This post was really helpful! I've been wondering about this concealer for awhile! Thanks for the info & thanks so much for following my blog! I really appreciate it! XO


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