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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Beauty Blender *My Thoughts!*

Left: Brand new Right: Damp

I've wanted to try this little sponge for awhile now, but didn't think it would be worth $20. I finally gave in & went on & ordered it.

Just like many others I thought this was just another sponge. I even tried taking one of those white wedge sponges & wetting it before applying my foundation... that was a major fail!

Okay now on to the sponge itself...
Before using you must wet it & then twist it a bit to get some of the water out. It works best damp. This little pink sponge really worked wonders & made my foundation look amazing! I like that there's the pointy tip that would work amazing around the nose, mouth, & eye area. But I prefer to just squeeze the sponge to get in the smaller areas of my face. Also if you give the beauty blender don't rub the foundation in. Bounce the bigger part all over your face. Also I like to dot the foundation on my face using my finger then go back & blend it out with the beauty blender.
It also works amazing at blending in concealer, for that I like to use the small tip on the top.

It washes clean with baby shampoo.

On you can order one for 20 bucks or get a 2 pack for 25 bucks, which I think is a great value.


  1. I bought a similiar one in England which is a lot cheaper and I love it. It's brillant for under the eyes :)

    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. I love it for under my eyes & it is beyond amazing for concealer :)

      I've seen dupes for it but always read bad reviews =/ I might pick one up to see what I think.

  2. I have heard so much great reviews about the Beauty Blender. I really want to try it out. Thanks for the tip for ordering 2 on Sephora. Think it would be a much greater value.

    1. your welcome :)
      & I agree. Getting the second for 5 bucks is better than having to buy another one for $20. You'll also have a backup.

  3. LOVE the beauty blender! I had bought a dupe from Avon and it was terrible! No company has mastered the secret behind the beauty blender lol! :P

    1. I seen that Sephora has a dupe & also seen one at Target & CVS. I wondered how they would compare.

  4. Replies
    1. I don't think I'll be using my foundation brush too much now.

  5. I use a buffing brush but I'm curious about the BB. I only use sponges if I'm working on someone else's makeup (hygiene reasons!) so naturally I'm intrigued. I'll try to pick up a cheaper dupe tho - $25 is a bit much IMO!

  6. Sephora a few different ones:!&pageSize=60&sortBy=-1&categoryId=cat60075


    & CVS also, but can't find the link =)


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