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Thursday, January 03, 2013

MAC blush pro palette swatches & reviews!

Top Row *Left to Right*:
Breath of plum, Cubic, Dame
Bottom Row *Left to Right*:
Melba, Mocha, Well Dressed
Yes I spelled "Breath of Plum" wrong on the above swatch =/

Breath of plum: Light Plum/ sheertone
This is my favorite blush out of this entire palette. Its a very pretty plumy pinkish shade that works perfectly for the Fall/ Winter Months. I was afraid that it was going to be too dark for my light skin tone but with a light hand this blush makes me look like I just stepped in from the cold. I also like the fact that its a sheertone so I don't have to worry about applying too much. I layered it twice for the perfect amount for my skin tone  I think this blush would look good on alot of skin tones.

Cubic: Soft muted pink/ satin
With Cubic I had to use a heavy hand to get it to look right. I think this shade would look good year round & also would work perfect for alot of different skin tones. 

Dame: Sophisticated blue-pink/ satin 
With Dame I also had to use a heavy hand (must be a satin thing). It's one of those shades of pink I would wear during any Season. I think Dame would look perfect paired with a smokey eye & nude lip.

Melba: Soft Coral-Peach/ Matte
Melba was one of those shades I wanted the moment I started seeing swatches of it. In the pan it's a pretty peachy color, but if applied two heavily (like the above swatch) it'll look very orange. The MUA at my local counter actually tried this one on me & I fell inlove! Unfortunately I need to look into a different blush brush for this one because my Real Techniques Blush Brush seems to pick up too much of this color & I end up looking like Snooki =(

Mocha: Soft Plum-Pink/ Matte
The name of this blush is very misleading. Usually when I think of Mocha I think of brown. This blush is nowhere near brown (good thing). Instead its a very pretty plumy pinky color. Kinda reminds me of "Breath of Plum" but lighter. I like the fact that it's Matte. This blush is also perfect for the colder Month's but could be worn year round. Looks perfect with a smokey brown eye look & a berry colored lip.

Well Dressed: Immaculate Pink/ Satin
 I've heard so much about Well Dressed that I had to give it a try for myself. Well dressed is a light pink & my skin is light so on me it looks very natural & gives me a light glow. This is perfect for the Days that I don't wanna wear alot of makeup but still want to look put together. I think it can also be layered above other blushes to give off a highlight effect. In my opinion this blush is very versatile & can be used on alot of different skin tones. I've seen this on darker skin tones & it looks amazing! 

I'm glad MAC offers the palettes to put the pans in. I find it easier to organize my blushes this way instead of having six bulky compacts in my makeup jar. The top cover seemed to get dirty quickly, but that's to be expected when it comes to makeup.

Which MAC lipstick/lip gloss shades would you suggest for me to try out?
I already have the well known "Angel" on my wishlist.


  1. These are all really pretty. I always have a hard time figuring out what color blush to use.

    1. Thanks :)
      I would definitely suggest going to Dillard's, Sephora, or Ulta (depending on what brand you wanna try out) & getting a makeup artist to try one on you.

  2. really like the purplish pink blushes, might consider some ;) thanks for the review

  3. Love your blush collection. Melba is so pretty, I've been wanting that color for a while. As for l/s, I hear blankety is a really pretty pinkish nude color, snob is another popular one I hear a lot of people like too.


    1. Thanks :) I love melba!
      Snob & Blankety are really pretty! I will probably end up getting those. Just purchased Angel Today. I wanted to make sure I like the formula.

  4. I have breath of plum, it's amazing and I wear it all year round.


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