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Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites!

HIGHLIGHTER: Dior Amber Diamond. In the Winter my skin always looks so "blah", but this wonderful highlighter makes me look alive. Well worth the money!
Review here

PERFUME: Vera Wang Lovestruck. Such a girly fragrance.
Review here

BLUSH: I've been addicted to blush lately so I have a few that I've been switching between this Month.
First up I've been enjoying both Cubic & Dame from my MAC Pro Palette
Swatches here
Next up is NARS Angelika. From looking at this blush in the pan it looks a bit scary because it's filled with glitter. Once applied the glitter seems to disappear & leaves my cheeks with a natural sheen. Just make sure to powder your cheeks before applying this blush.
Swatches here

EYESHADOW: Ever since I got the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette it's the only thing I reach for. It's perfect for creating an everyday look as well as a night time look.
Swatches here

MASCARA: Maybelline The Rocket is one of those Mascaras that I wan't too crazy about at first, but after about 5 uses it started to dry a bit & now I'm really liking the formula.
First thoughts here

LIPSTICK: MAC Angel is one of those lipsticks that I can wear everyday no matter what eyeshadow or blush I wear. This is one that I will keep in my collection.
Swatches here


  1. Wow, Dior amber diamond is stunning !x

    1. Yes it is :)
      I'm really debating on getting Rose Diamond now.

  2. The Dior amber diamond is so pretty. On my wishlist :)

    Check out my giveaway

  3. I am not an huge fan of the naked basic but i do love your favorites and the dior amber diamond :)


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