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Friday, May 18, 2012


Here are two more polishes from Zoya's Surf Collection. I already posted Kimber & Rory.
 I still need to get Mryta & Meg to complete the collection.

Carly was opaque in one coat but I went with two.
Zuza was sheer with one coat & required a second coat.
Both applied easily!

Zuza (left) & Carly (right)

In direct sunlight:


Carly indoors:

I love carly! I've been on the search for a dark purple polish for a year now 
& I finally found one that stole my heart.

I know my cuticles are horrible right now. To be honest I've polished my nails so much in the pass week to the point where when polish remover hits my cuticles they feel like they're on fire. I need to take a break from polish & use a nail strengthener.

I have beauty products to review next week. 
I don't want to bore anyone with all these polish posts. =)-


  1. Replies
    1. Zuza is such a fun Summer color. I love it! Makes me want to go to the beach lol

      Carly will be loved more during the Fall/Winter.

    2. Both colors are very pretty.
      I like Carly =)

    3. Thanks :)
      Carly stole my heart because I'm a sucker for anything purple.

  2. Polish posts, boring? NEVAR! :)

    I need to get back to my polish store pronto--I jetted down there the day the website said they had these new Zoyas in, but when I got there, they were all still in I had no choice but to buy 8 other things instead. >_<

    Meg is the one I think I want the most, but Zuza is really pretty too!

    1. I will order Meg soon :) & Myrta. They are all so pretty.

  3. Both are really pretty but I think I like Zuza the best!


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