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Monday, May 21, 2012

What's in my purse tag

One of my favorite videos on youtube is the "What's in my purse" tag. 
So I decided to post pictures of what's in my purse.

I'm currently using my U.S polo assn. hangbag

Looking inside

All the contents

Hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works in Cucumber Melon & Carribean Escape
Bath & Body works lotion "into the wild
Suave lotion in sweet pea & violet
Wella Hairspray

keys, brush, & gum

Makeup bag from Bath & Body works 
Wallet is nine west

journal I won from Oprah's website, pen, & coupons

Case I keep my blackberry torch in

Contents of my "makeup bag

napkin, Vs pink spray in pretty & pure
Babylips in quenched
lip butters in gumdrop (just got it Saturday & LOVE IT!) & creme brulee
Keys, ponytails, hair clips, & Lipton tea packet in mago & pineapple


  1. I just mention on twitter that I wanted to do a blog post like this.
    I like your purse.
    I need to try that Lipton Tea stuff.

    1. Thank you :)
      The Lipton Tea is really good.
      & I would love to see you do this post!

  2. i love creme brulee, it was the only one I thought that was pigmented enough, i tried cotton candy & another one I cant remember but I haven't tried gum drop. is it as pigmented as creme brulee? idk if you take requests but you should do a swatch fest (lol) with the 2 of them! and, did you see Oprahs life class? I wanna see it! that woman is brilliant. my dad swears we walked by her at the Wynn

    1. Cotton candy is pigmented to me, just a little darker than I thought. & Gumdrop is like my lips but better. It looks great with a brown smokey eye :) I can do swatches for you tho. I have a few more I wanna pick up so hopefully I can find them soon.
      I don't really watch Oprah much :( Cartoons always takes up the Tv's. lol

  3. If there is one thing that my bag can't leave without it's gum :)

  4. I love this post! How fun:) Now following


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