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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick

On my latest visit to CVS I decided to check out the makeup section to see what I could find on sale. I ended up finding these for 75% off, making them 2.50 a piece. This is my first time trying the colorburst lipstick. Revlon makes great lip products so I was sure I wouldn't be disappointed.
Icy Nude, Soft Rose, Carnation, & Petal


Once again Revlon as proved to make the best drugstore lip products. I really like these lipsticks. Very pigmented, not drying, & lasts until I eat or drink. Overall I'm very happy I finally decide to pick these up.


  1. Petal is my favorite!! I just love that lipstick =) Revlon knows how to make a good lipstick thats for sure! Great choices!

  2. So far I really like icy nude & petal.
    Saving Carnation for the Summer.

  3. yay I am glad you found them on sale! Carnation is perfect in the summer :)


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