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Friday, December 02, 2011

My review of Sigma's E25, E45, E70, & E55

The E25 blending brush was free with my purchase & I'm really glad they sent me this one. I use it to apply darker shades to my crease. It applies easily & blends all in one. The only downside is after washing this brush the hairs seemed to go a little crazy, but overall It still works great.

The E45 is the Small tapered blending brush. I use this to blend my lid color into my crease & then to blend my highlight color. This brush is truly amazing! Works way better than the one I had from ELF. Held up to a wash just find & still looks brand new.

The E70 Medium angled shading works great for the browbone/highlighting. I love that this brush picks up enough product to get the job done. Held up to a washing.

The E55 shading brush is great for applying color to the lid. Picks up enough color where you can fill your entire lid with just one swipe, unless your going for a darker/heavier look. I also use this to aad darker shadow to my crease. Works great at fitting perfectly into my crease & also the outer "v" area. Held up to a washing.

Overall I'm very satisfied with these brushes & can see the difference that quality brushes make in the application of makeup. 
Can you believe a couple years ago I didn't think I needed brushes, I would just use those sponges that came with the shadows. I've come along way!


  1. I have been eyeing the E45 for a bit. It looks like a great brush!

  2. I honestly don't like Sigma that much, but their E45 is great enough for me to want multiples of it.

  3. I have makeup brushes on my Christmas list. I've heard good things about the Sigma.

  4. Traci- That's something nice to have on your list :) If I had to recommend my favorite two it would be the E45 & the F80- kabuki brush used for foundation.. Those two changed my makeup application.

  5. I like the E45 form Sigma I feel bad that Im using more Sigma products than my Mac ones =(
    Great review!!

  6. Jazmin- It might sound crazy but I have never tried anything from MAC.
    I love these Sigma brushes so much
    I have another wishlist started.

  7. I really don't have any knowledge about brushes. You know about what's a good brush or not. I just pick whatever I like or felt like nice to use every time I buy one in the cosmetics department. So, I am very thankful for this post/review.

  8. yay so glad you made a purchase! i wanna now try out the e25 for highlighting now, great idea- i am actually with you as I dont own anything mac either! lol- i think i need to invest in a shadow or two as i have been wanting some of them

  9. What a great post, I just found your blog and this is so detailed and informative and it also makes me want to go makeup shopping. hehe. I have one of those urban decay liners and I really like it but I know what you mean, it definitely doesn't last long on the water line.
    Following you now,
    I'm a stylist with a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

  10. Girlie Blogger- I love these brushes & now I want to place another order :)

    Thanks Cherry :) I'm still learning about everything maakeup related. I'm getting there lol

    Erica- There is a few things I wanna try from MAC just haven't gotten ahold of yet lol.. maybe one day. & that brush is amazing, so glad they sent it to me as a gift.

    Thanks for following my blog Dale. I am now following you as well.

  11. I remember when I used to use nothing but the small sponges lol,but once I tried brushes it was like damn I was missing out lol

    Great Review girl:)

  12. Lorena- I really can't believe it took me so long to invest in good brushes. They opened up a whole new door for me lol
    & Thanks =)


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