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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mark. makeup brushes *review*

A few weeks ago I was searching facebook for a Mark. Rep to see about getting samples. I was familiar with the brand, but had never tried it. Well I came across Geannie

I requested a few samples & Yesterday my package came in the mail. The package included face samples, 2 mini lipgloss samples, a lotion sample, a bodywash sample, perfume samples, & two brushes!

Today will be all about the brushes she sent. I used both of them in my latest FOTD/EOTD.
The eyeshadow brush works great at applying eyeshadow all over your lids. It's super soft & picks up a good amount of product so you get enough for your entire lid in just one sweep.

I been in need of a good powder brush & was completely blown away at how amazing this brush is. Just like the eyeshadow brush this one is also very soft. I used it with the smashbox correcting powder & it did a wonderful job. It applies the powder evenly & doesn't make a mess. I'm extremely very satisfied with this brush. I think everyone should buy it! :)

I looked on the site for prices..
Powder brush: $10
Eyeshadow brush: $8

I'm going to be reviewing the samples soon.


  1. I have some mark. brushes myself but the mini versions of them. I think it's 5 mini brushes in the little case and I really like them. Very good stuff. Very soft, no shedding. I am anxious to see the reviews on the samples!

  2. I'm going to have to look into the mini brushes. I'm in need of some for on the go touch ups.

  3. ima mark rep!!!! you can always order from me if yah wanna - but i dont wanna step on anyone's toes, so up to you but I have some mark brushes and I love my kabuki w/ the flat top! it dosen't shed what so ever but I have to be honest and say that from all the washing and all the tapping the ferral(sp?) is a bit lose- but it is my favorite brush & I have the travel ones and I love that eye shadow brush but I have lost like half of the hairs from washing it ): although it doesn't shed, it just began to get smaller and smaller- i have had the shadow brush for 2 years now so take that into consideration

  4. Got to let us know how u like that Mark stuff.
    I dont have any Mark Makeup and alot of peole say its good.
    I will have to get some as soon as I come back from my trip

  5. Erica- Thanks for the info about the brushes! Two years isn't bad. I don't wash my brushes often because I only wear makeup like once a week so they should last me a good while.

  6. Jazmin- I should have my post up next week. I want to try out everything & do one big post. =)


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