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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jesse's Girl palettes

I've been on the hunt for the Jesse's Girl 9 pan palettes. I went to the Riteaid closest to me & they didn't have them so I decided to go to the other Riteaid in my Town & I found them. They had all four but I only picked up two & plan on going get the other two this weekend & I'm picking up more sinful color polishes! =)

The packaging is pretty cute. I love their logo.

Tickled Pink:

The eyes have it:

The eyes have it & tickled pink

The other two are "brown eyed girl" & "behind blue eyes". These palettes consist of 9 colors.
Price: $3.99

First Impressions:
The colors appear to be really pretty inside the palette but using a brush to apply them doesn't really transfer the nice colors to my eyelids. The sponge works much better at picking up the colors. Also in my opinion I think these would work much better if you used a damp brush/sponge. I had a bit of fall out during application, but nothing major.

Look what I got in the mail Saturday!! It's from Bobbi's Brown's facebook page.

I really like this gloss. It's thick, but not sticky & I love the shine it puts on my lips.


  1. Any colors y'all think I should combine together for an EOTD? Let me know =)

  2. Such pretty palettes! I think I'm going to need to check these out. :)

  3. I saw this last time I was at Rite Aid Review please!

  4. ah i like the palettes! does it have major fallout (kinda like la colors) or no?

  5. Jazmin- Once I get the other two I'm going to do a big post with a review & swatches :) It should be up Either Friday or Saturday.

    Erica- I never tried La colors so I can't compare them to Jesse's Girl. The only fall out I noticed was during application. Some of the "glitter" went on the side of my eye near my temple. After that I had no problems with it.

  6. those palettes looks awsome, the price is good to(:

    <3 BB

  7. BB- I love that the prices are cheap enough to buy all of them :)

  8. at $3.99 they are a steal! I wish we had Rite Aid in Puerto Rico :(

  9. Sound good doll will b in the look out for that post.Thank you!!

  10. love the look of those shadows!


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