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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge line

I've been searching for a new shampoo & conditioner that would bring my hair back to life. It felt so dry & looked so dull so I was happy that BZZAGENT sent me these products to try out.
-My hair feels so soft & looks healthy
-More manageable. This shampoo also helps out with frizz
-Love the smell!
- The 1 minute conditioner is amazing! I like it alot more than Aussie's 3 minute miracle

Overall when I run I will be repurchasing this entire line.

Infused with superfruits, the Hydra Recharge formula actively replenishes hair for silky-soft hydration that lasts. Hydra Recharge will recharge your thirsty locks and keep your hair super silky and surprisingly weightless for up to two whole days.
  • Hydra Recharge Shampoo is a hydration innovation; the first to feature thousands of beads that burst on impact
  • Hydra Recharge range contains superfruits goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi to actively replenish without heaviness
  • Hydra Recharge 1-Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment is a powerful deep treatment whose revolutionary lightweight crème-gel formula transforms dry hair with a surge of high-performance hydration in just one minute.


  1. sa-weet! i used to do bzzagent a while back but i was getting annoyed with it. it takes forever to earn the honey combs or whatever its called lol! maybe i should try it out again, i want cool stuff! i am so glad you came to my blog, Tiffany because i have been going to your old url only to be pissed that u weren't there any more! Thank God I Found You (yep, Mariah Carey reference) I remember when i changed my url you said you wanted to change yours too but i didnt know what u changed it to! lol! meet makeup {mine} and life as a southern girl are dead. Long live Tiffany Hearts Makeup :)

    <3 Erica

    1. aww I'm so glad you found me!!
      I figured it was time for a name change.. the old one was too long & didn't really fit in with what my blog was about.
      You should get back into bzzagent.. this is my third campaign in the last Month!


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