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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wet N Wild coloricon bronzer in "Ticket to Brazil"

(The picture above actually looks a bit darker than what it really is)

After trying out Reserve your Cabana I knew I had to try one of the darker shades. I ended up choosing "Ticket to Brazil". I use this to contour my cheeks, forehead, & Jawline. I really like how pigmented &how  easy to blend it is. It doesn't cause me to breakout either. This shade works perfect for my skintone. If your a darker skintone then I would suggest getting "Bikini Contest". 

There appears to be shimmer, but I don't notice any of it on face. 
Which is good because it doesn't cause my acne scars to show on my cheeks. 

I didn't blend the swatch so that you ladies could get an idea of what it looks like.


  1. OOOH something new for me to contour with! Thanks! x

    1. Your Welcome :)
      This stuff gives me cheek bones! lol


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