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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sultra "the wicked black" flat iron *review*

*Complimentary Iron Pad keeps your safe when traveling and countertops safe from heat.

 No tangle, 9ft swivel cord

* Rapid heat-up satisfies your immediate gratification
*Single-pass technology reduces heat damage and styling time
*Auto shut off safety feature if left unattended for 30 minutes

My thoughts:
I love the fact that the cord is so long. You can easily move around with it without worrying about it coming unplugged. It heats up supper fast so there's no waiting, which works great when your in a hurry. My hair is natural thick and wavy & with this flat iron I can have my hair completely straight in 15 minutes. I really like that it shuts off if left unattended for 30 minutes because as a busy mom I sometimes forget to turn things off. I don't like that I can't adjust the tempt. on it. The first time I used I was surprised at how hot it was. I actually burnt my cuticle on my hair. I always stay with a "bump" on the back part of my hair, probably due to wear it in a ponytail so much. I find that I have to pass over that piece 3 times before it is finally straight. Overall this flat iron does leave my hair shiny & straight. I haven't gotten the hang of how to do waves with it yet, but once I do I'll do a tutorial. 

Price: $165 
Can be purchased at

Note: Sultra sent me this flat iron to review.


  1. Ive heard good things about them but I really like to be able to adjust the temp of the iron, I sometimes get that sizzle burnt effect from irons that are too hot too.

  2. Overall it really is a good flat iron & I've never heard anything negative about them. I just wish that I could adjust the temp.

    1. Usually the flat irons without a temp. adjustment switch are hotter the harder you squeeze.So use less pressure for finer/fragile hair.I love sulrta!

  3. that's awesome that they sent you that flat iron to review! even better that you love it too, haha! It sounds amazing, I cannot wait to see the waves you make with it-


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