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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Colorstay VS. Photoready

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours? Revlon has the solution - ColorStay™ Makeup with SoftFlex™.
Specially formulated for combination or oily skin, this oil-free formula helps control shine all day and gives you flawless looking skin.
Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the SoftFlex ColorStay™ formula.
Medium to full coverage, with SPF 6 protection

Revlon PhotoReady™ Makeup - for poreless, airbrushed skin in any light. Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. Complete, yet undetectable coverage. Soft, luminous finish. 
- Oil free
- Fragrance free
- SPF 20

My comparison:
I like that Photoready has a pump so it makes it easier to use unlike Colorstay.  I like colorstay's lasting power. I wore this foundation alot over the Summer & had no problems with my makeup melting off. Photoready lasts awhile, but not as good as Colorstay.  Photoready is easy to apply & goes on perfectly without leaving streaks. Colorstay in my opinion is very streaky & dries way too fast.  I like the coverage that both gives. I think Photoready makes my skin look better than colorstay. Overall if I had to choose between the two I would pick Photoready. I like how it makes me look in pictures & real life.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. i will go with revlon photoready
    Follow Back Please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  2. thanx for the review, i have always wanted to try the photoready, my stand by has always been colorstay-- def. need to try it out now! I agree that it (colorstay) dries to fast and yes, it can be streaky, yah no?

    im having a give-away on my blog if your interested - elf & b&bw stuff!

  3. I have been wanting a new foundation,one that gives me more coverage. I may try photoready!

  4. Colorstay is my fave! I've been wearing it for years. I
    I recently tried Photoready & wasn't crazy about it. It didn't seem to cover as well.

  5. Sadee- I love your blog!

    Erica- Thank :) I entered your giveaway.

    Tapia- I found that photoready is buildable to offer as little or much coverage as you need.

    Traci- I usually use the photoready over the foundation & really like it. Colorstay is a great foundation I just wish it wouldn't come out so streaky on me =/

  6. I have an upcoming review and comparison of both of these foundations. But the colorstay i'm reviewing is for normal/dry skin. Lovely blog and reviews :)


  7. Thanks :) & I look forward to reading your review.

  8. Colorstay is my favourite!! I bought photoready and hatttted it!! It just didn't work with my skin tone sadly!! great post!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  9. I haven't tried photoready but curious about it. I love colorstay though!It is my new fav foundation =)

  10. Miranda- The only thing I don't like about photoready is the price.. right under 14 bucks so check for sales & coupons :) I had 5 cvs bucks so was able to get it a bit cheaper.

  11. Awesome comparison! I've been wanting to try the Revlon foundations for a while and wasn't sure which one I wanted to go with. I may buy both BOGO then wear them according to how long I need to have my foundation on that day!

  12. Thanks Destinee :)
    Saturday while I was at CVS I noticed that Revlon was BOGO 50% off

  13. Thanks for the review! I have been using Bare Mineral and I love it but I wish it had fuller coverage.

  14. Great review!!
    Im in need of a new drugstore foundation
    I have the Colorstay but Im goin to try the other one.

  15. Great review, girl!
    I have the Colorstay & I love it but I agree, it can be hard to apply cause it dries so fast. I've been iffy on trying the Photo Ready one but after reading this, I feel more comfortable doing so lol

    Btw We're the same color in Colorstay! Yayy lol

  16. There is always a pro and a con to every product. I have never tried any of these, but I love REVLON and would love to pick up one sometime.


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